We are currently conducting follow-up studies related to the “Same-Sex Bliss” project. Only those who filled in the first questionnaire are now a part of the project. Participants will be sent a link to a follow-up study via email. If you have received an email from us, it means that you filled in the questionnaire last year, provided your email address and agreed to participate in further studies. You can take the follow-up survey by clicking on the link at the top of the email you have received.


1. Follow-up studies consist of filling in a questionnaire.
2. The questionnaire takes approx. 10-25 minutes to complete depending on the answers.
3. The main goal of the study is to investigate how relationships and satisfaction develop over time. It contains personal questions about love life and sexual experience among other things.
4. Project participants will be sent a link to a follow-up study via email.


1. All data is stored using Sensitive Data (TSD) Services. TSD has been developed by the University of Oslo to offer a secure storage platform for sensitive research data in accordance with the law’s strict requirements for privacy and security.
2. All answers are stored encrypted.
3. Email addresses are stored separately from the answers on the questionnaire and are not linked to each other.