“Same-Sex Bliss” a project at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. The study aims to examine how relationships and satisfaction develop over time. People in same-gender relationships are the main focus of the study, but people in mixed-gender relationships are also an important part of the project. The project started in the winter of 2019 and will run over the next few years. Follow-up studies consist of answering a questionnaire once a year.


Same-sex because the main group of interest is people that currently are, or have been, in a same-sex relationship. However, participants in opposite-gender relationships are also an important part of the study.

Bliss because we are mainly focusing on the potential positive aspects of being in a relationship – such as support, communication and intimacy.


The first questionnaire was made available in November 2019. Only people who filled in this survey and agreed to participate in further follow-up studies are now participating in the project. Participants receive annual invitations through the email they provided in the first questionnaire.

In general, the study is based on relationships consisting of two people. In addition, participants are 18 years or older.